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Wayne Graham - Ish

Wayne Graham - Ish

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Wayne Graham have gained a reputation as one of the best bands shaping the New Appalachian Sound that includes acts such as Tyler Childers, John R. Miller, The Local Honeys, and others who are making music that is shaped by tradition but intentionally set on also forging a new sonic landscape. Wayne Graham has long been at the forefront of the movement. Their innovative new album, 'Ish', is bound to broaden their audience and firmly establish them as one of the architects of this vibrant movement in new music coming out of the hills.

Ish is their eighth studio album and it provides a mediative, foot-tapping groove that can simultaneously put the listener at ease while also making them completely aware of the combination of precise lyrics and skilled instrumentation.

Side A
1. How Was Your Night
2. Misdemeanor Kisses
3. Fell In Love
4. Decorated Time
5. Unfamiliar Road
6. The Fall

Side B
1. Free Lunch
2. Taking You In
3. Mr. Green Thumb
4. My Country is the Sun
5. Scandalous Love

It is available as limited edition yellow vinyl (SOLD OUT), standard black vinyl and as a 6-panel digipack compact disc.

Release date: November 11

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