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SUNDAYS - Giant Formula

SUNDAYS - Giant Formula

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SUNDAYS - Giant Formula

Danish indie band SUNDAYS is pleased to announce the upcoming release of their third album, 'Giant Formula,' scheduled to debut on May 10, 2024. This album signifies the band's ongoing growth since their debut in 2019 with 'Wiaca' and has been crafted in collaboration with the accomplished producer Asger Techau from the Danish band Kashmir.

The album's lyrical journey unfolds against the backdrop of lead vocalist Magnus Jacobsen's experience of fatherhood, from the challenges of the 2021 lockdown to flourishing moments extending into the fall of 2023. Going deeper into both songwriting and musicality compared to their previous works, 'Giant Formula' goes beyond being a mere collection of songs; it weaves a narrative from the universal, cosmic elements we all originate from—a societal reflection on humanity's role in the grand tapestry and a contemplation on the significant shift from individual to parent. Magnus Jacobsen explains, "A friend once mentioned that 'Giant Formula' isn't exactly a title associated with being North Jutlandic, which makes sense if you think it's a statement about us defining life's grand purpose. However, the title is about viewing existence from various perspectives and understanding that everything is constructed by diverse formulas—organic, digital, and behavioral."

Side A
1. Giant Formula
2. The Morning After 
3. Wasteland
4. Great Big Sky
5. Lost in Babylon

Side B
1. High On Life
2. Weekends
3. Savory Sundays
4. Forever Too Late
5. For a Little While (...The Road Leads To Nowhere) 

It is pressed on deluxe HQ 180 gram vinyl and it comes in a beautiful gatefold cardboard sleeve with printed innersleeves. It is available as a limited edition bi-colour mint green/dark red LP, a standard edition mint green LP and compact disc.

Please note this is a pre-order and items will ship upon arrival. Among all pre-order we will draw one lucky winner of a test pres.

Release date: May 10, 2023

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