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Denni Ian - SALT KING

Denni Ian - SALT KING

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Denni Ian's sophomore album SALT KING is an expressionistic statement, one heavy with vivid melancholy, yet unreserved in its search for intimacy. The album features a delicate blend of traditional and experimental songwriting, echoing a distinctive sense of amore disperato. Ian’s songwriting is characterised by a poetic and enigmatic lyrical quality, flickering between confessional writing and cryptic poetry.

Inspired by uncanny symbolism, classic folk songwriting traditions and post-punk aesthetics, SALT KING finds itself at a dynamic musical crossroad somewhere between indie-folk and art rock, with a prominent emphasis on the lyrical narrative. With an organic approach to unintended chaos, expanded instrumentation and a collaborative spirit, Ian steps into the role of conductor, opening up a dense and intimate song world, insisting on romance and genuine connection against a backdrop of apocalyptic roars.

It features the singles “Two Figures”, “So This Is How We Dance”, “(Salt King) 0>1” and “Here, In Absence”.

Side A
1. I Plan to Run Out of Darkness
2. Here, In Absence
3. So This Is How We Dance
4. Song For Palmer
5. St. Petersburg

Side B
1. Two Figures
2. Catching Breath by the Water's Edge
3. Sulfur Fields
4. Inconsistent Rain 
5. (Salt King) 0>1

It is pressed on deluxe HQ 180 gram milky white colored vinyl and it comes in a matted full color artwork sleeve with a printed lyric sheet. It comes in a limited hand numbered edition of 200.

Release date: September 15, 2023

We expect the vinyl to arrive in the end of October and will ship as soon as we receive stock.

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