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Claus Funch - Noise Tablets LP

Claus Funch - Noise Tablets LP

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'Noise Tablets' is Claus Funch's sophomore solo album. It is about the artist’s desperate battle against his inner demons that surely make him the artist he is but also depresses him to a certain degree removing his focus from the real world and bring him to a constant downward spiral, ending with the slamming of the door and the demons escape. And what comes next…

Side A
1. Any Act
2. Sweet Detours
3. Poesy For a Dead Friend
4. A Chance For a New Thought

Side B
1. Players in a Movie
2. Drugged Up Future World
3. Alongside The Beatles
4. Ace Card.

Deluxe HQ 180 gram white vinyl, pressed at Nordsø Records. It comes in an inside out cardboard sleeve with a printed cardboard lyric card and in a black audiophile inner sleeve.

Release date: October 9, 2020
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