Tomas Høffding - Ild, Drømme, Frihed & Fred LP

30.00 - 35.00
Tomas Høffding - Ild, Drømme, Frihed & Fred LP

The solo debut from Tomas Høffding, who is best known as lead singer and bassplayer in WhoMadeWho is finally available on vinyl. It is an album filled with intimate and personal electronically based songs in his native language. 

Side A
1. Breve Fra Barndommens Land
2. Darupvej 109 (Et Liv Hvor Alt Kan Og Vil Ske)
3. Alle De Kys Jeg Ikke Fik
4. Månesyg
5. Sommerfugl Bombeskjul

Side B
1. Ringede Til Johannes
2. Intet Holdt Tilbage
3. Kaster Alt Det Jeg Var Ind I Bålet
4. Drøm Om Fred
5. Puslespil

Deluxe HQ 180 gram vinyl, pressed by the vinyl loving people at Nordsø Records. It comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a printed insert and in a black audiophile inner sleeve. It is available in yellow vinyl and as a super limited yellow/black swirl (only 30 copies)

Release date: August 13, 2021
Please note this is a pre-order. Items will ship around August 6.

Disclaimer: mockup is not true to actual size or color.