The Grenadines - Everything We Dreamt Of

15.00 - 27.00
The Grenadines - Everything We Dreamt Of

3rd album from the Danish pop/rock trio The Grenadines characterized by captivating melodies, beautiful vocal harmonies and indomitable energy.

Side A
1. I'm Your Idiot
2. Everything We Dreamt Of
3. We're Still Young
4. Band of Brothers
5. Catch Me
6. Going Home

Side B
1. The Singer
2. What Became of You
3. Last Dance
4. Holy Grail
5. Dream Woman
6. It Almost Seems As Yesterday

Deluxe HQ 180 gram colored vinyl, pressed by the vinyl loving people at Nordsø Records. It comes in a deluxe reverse board gatefold sleeve with a printed insert and in a black audiophile inner sleeve. It is available as a limited edition colored vinyl and as a limited edition CD.

Release date: September 17, 2021

Disclaimer: mockup is not true to actual size or color.
Vinyl color is subject to change.