The Great Dictators - One Eye Opener

22.00 - 26.00
The Great Dictators - One Eye Opener

Album. Pressed at Nordsø Records on 180gram HQ vinyl. It comes in deluxe cardboard sleeve with a printed lyric insert and is available as a limited edition "dark magenta/black" swirl vinyl (77 copies) and a limited edition "smokey clear/black swirl vinyl (146 copies). Very limited edition red/black swirl (33 copies) is SOLD OUT.

Side A
1. Moon Howling at Earth
2. Killing Fields
3. By the Throat (feat. Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu)
4. Existential Needs (feat. Julie Gro)
5. One Eye Opener
6. Intermission

Side B
1. Riot on a Diet
2. Creep For Life
3. Play Dead Together
4. Early in the Mourning
5. Trees Come From Hell

Release date: April 17, 2020.

Disclaimer: mockup is not true to actual color mix as as vinyls will be unique.