Little Winter - Wonderlost

30.00 - 40.00
Little Winter - Wonderlost

Debut album from the charming Danish indie outfit Little Winter finds the band joyously deconstructing the indie pop genre —then rebuilding it with steamy synthesizers, beautiful quirky choir arrangements, and dreamy hooks that will sink deep into your ears and minds.

Side A
1. Sepia Colours
2. Of Little Winters (feat. Tue West)
3. Julia
4. Bright and Early
5. Wonderlost
6. Wait a Minute

Side B
1. Between Us, Inside My Mind
2. Figurine
3. These Days
4. Only 19
5. Beach
6. Kodak Moment

Deluxe HQ 180 gram colored vinyl, pressed by the vinyl loving people at Nordsø Records. It comes in a deluxe reverse board gatefold sleeve with a printed insert and in a black audiophile inner sleeve. It is available as a super limited edition split-colored vinyl (SOLD OUT) and as a standard edition clear vinyl.

Release date: September 30, 2022