GRO - Columna LP

30.00 - 40.00
GRO - Columna LP

Debut album from the Danish artpop/alt.pop singer GRO.

GRO is the solo project of Danish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Julie Møller Christensen who is also known as the lead singer of synth pop trio We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself.

Side A
1. Atlas Axis
3. The Fields
4. One Two Free Fall
5. High As A Kite

Side B
6. Coccyx
7. Fade In Time
8. Rest In Words
9. In The Woods

Deluxe HQ 180 gram colored vinyl, pressed by the vinyl loving people at Nordsø Records. It comes in a deluxe heavy board gatefold sleeve with a poster and in a white audiophile inner sleeve. It is available as a limited edition colored orange/white swirl vinyl; and a very limited edition grey/black marble vinyl (only 10 of these sold via the webshop)

Release date: October 29, 2021

Disclaimer: mockup is not true to actual size or color.
Vinyl color is subject to change.